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Workers Drowning in Monotony

A new report gives some statistics on the issue of boredom in the workplace. It suggests that many of us are  drowning in monotony and feel we contribute little to the company. Personally I am not all that surprised by the findings – many people complain of being trapped or stuck in a job or career dead-end. The question is, as usual, what to do about it? But in the meantime the apparent waste of human potential suggested by the report is disturbing.


According to Microsoft UK’s new report “The Daily Grind: Break the Mould

  • Most people (77%) consider a productive day in the office as just clearing their inbox of e-mail
  • Only one in seven (16%) people feel inspired by their job.
  • Less than one in ten (8%) say they’ve made any significant contribution to their employer over the last year
  •  Almost a quarter (25’%) say they have never made any major contribution to their employer.Microsoft UK’s chief envisioning officer Dave Coplin said: “Organisations that prosper have built cultures that inspire and motivate employees to deliver their best.

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