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Tell Us About Yourself

Tell us about yourself”


A Frequent Question: This has got to be one of the most-often asked questionservice_big1s at interviews. Yet not many of us prepare for it adequately, if at all. And despite the fact that most of us rather like talking about ourselves, this seemingly simple question can stump us. So what to do about it?


Oscar Performance: Well, firstly lets agree that in asking the question the recruiter is not trying to chat you up and, equally, does not want an Oscar-like account of your fantastic life and loves


CV: Your approach should be based on your CV. It should highlight your professional experience and skills relevant to the job. Likewise, it should highlight your career accomplishments and the challenges and work situations that motivate and excite you.


Personal Stuff: Keep personal information about yourself at a minimum at this stage. After all you CV will have listed your education, address and academic record. But you can be yourself in describing your personal career ambitions and goals and in a your enthusiasm for the role you’re applying for right now


Paint a Picture: Essentially you need to paint a picture (an engaging picture) of who you are professionally, where you’ve come from and where you see yourself in the future (the latter is another often-asked question).


Practice: Like all performances, “painting a picture” or telling a story about yourself will not go well unless you practice it in advance. “Tell us about yourself” is often asked at the start of an interview. It’s an opportunity for you to deliver a smooth performance and set a good tone from the outset. Even it is not asked directly, the process of thinking through and preparing and practicing your answer is good all-round preparation for the interview in general.

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