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Stuck in a Moment

Getting stuck in mid career is a difficult place to be. As the U2 song says “You’re stuck in a moment and you can’t get out of it”. Perhaps you’re getting good performance reviews, attending all training courses offered, and your colleagues and/or staff admire and respect you. But you are not making that breakthrough your desire. Obviously the problem and the solution can be multi-faceted. But research shows that top people in an organisation are experienced and grounded in three particularly hands-on areas: Firstly, they have business acumen i.e. an understanding and experience of the business operations aspect of the organisation. Secondly they understand organisational strategy making  sufficiently at least to make credible strategic suggestions and, finally, they possess deep knowledge of the organisation’s financial operations. All three areas require “hard” skills and experience that can only add to your reputation and personal brand in the organisation.  That’s not to dismiss the proven importance of “soft” skills such as team building, communication skills, coaching etc. But in seeking advancement such skills tend at times to be taken as a “given” by decision-makers. Deliberately seeking out experience in the hands-on areas mentioned above can give you the edge (get it?) in moving beyond being stuck  in the moment

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