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Staying Calm

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“Stay calm, just relax and be yourself” That’s the kind of advice often given to people going for a job interview.

Its good advice but easier said than done. So, here is a tip that will help.

Actors and sportspeople sometimes adopt a “power pose” prior to performance. It puts them in a high performance frame of mind and also gets rid of pre-performance (or bad) stress.

What they do is stand in front of a mirror and adopt a power pose.  A power pose can be as simple as standing strong for a few moments in front of a mirror often with feet apart, arms raised and head thrust forward.

It may feel embarrassing at first, and certainly will look somewhat look odd if done in public! (So use Ladies/Gents prior to interview?)

But with just a little practice this simple technique will ensure you enter the interview room ready to perform well – and to be yourself.


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