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New Year Success

Let’s face it. January can be a heart of darkness month. A time when you think of buying one of those lamps that claim to replicate sunshine and ward off the effects of winter gloom.


But January is also a time for setting new goals for career and business success and for generally setting out with a new spring in your step.


What happens, though, if you fall between those two opposites, between gloom and glory?


One option you might try is to just turn up for work in as good a mood you can muster, and then keep turning up and keep contributing. No shining new goals and no dramatic January blues.


The strategy of turning up has been described as the main secret of success. Woody Allen famously (well, fairly famously) said that the secret of his success was 80% due to just turning up. The remaining 20% he put down to  “luck”. Harvard professor, Rosabeth Moss Kantor in writing about leadership, identified “keep turning up” as a key to successful leadership. Mind you, she does add “and make your voice heard” to her advice. (This seems reasonable, as there is little point in turning up if no one notices you).


By all means set goals for you self in January. And maybe even buy that lamp. But don’t forget the success strategy of “keep turning up” and making sure you voice is heard (no one knows what’s in your head unless you speak it)

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