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New Horizons: Job Interview Skills; Career Change

New Horizons: Career Change and Job Interviews



How to handle that nagging feeling of being unprepared when a) a new, unexpected, job opportunity arises or, b) you finally decide to leave your current, going-nowhere, job? Either way, you are going to face a job interview – possibly something you have not done in a long time. Here are some tips to help you with your career change.

  1. Don’t just update your current CV. Create a new one. Putting down on paper your job history and your talents and achievements is a worthwhile exercise in itself. This is because it forces you to be disciplined in thinking about your experience, your goals and your personal strengths. In essence it’s a good way of good way of rehearsing your answers to likely questions at interview. It makes it more likely that you will be able to tell your “story” at interview in a clear, coherent and appealing way
  1. Own your CV. There’s little as bad as a candidate who cannot recall specific dates or other details on his or her CV. And that happens surprisingly often. Remember, recruiters look upon your CV as a true and accurate account of your work history. So hesitation on your part as to its contents puts you pretty firmly on the back foot at interview
  1. Rehearse for your interview: While you may feel confident “in your head” there is no guarantee that this will into translate into assured answering in the interview room itself. Actors don’t to mental rehearsing and neither should you. So, rehearse your answers (aloud!) to likely questions in front of a colleague, friend or, in front of a mirror. It may feel extremely silly at first – and friends may giggle – but persevere and it will pay off.

People who have the courage to seek a career change deserve to be rewarded with success. Making a change involves risk. Following these three tips will help you manage that risk and realize your ambition.



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